FCTB, VATMANBD - VAT Management Software is a company approved and listed by the National Board of Revenue of Bangladesh. FCTB, VATMANBD - VAT Management Software is formed and operated by High Qualified IT Professionals, FCMA, FCA, Tax & VAT Professionals in Bangladesh. FCTB, VATMANBD - VAT Management Software is a VAT Management Software approved by the National Board of Revenue of Bangladesh. MarkPro Solution is an authorized partner of FCTB, VATMANBD - VAT Management Software. The current VAT registered companies have enacted legislation by the government to maintain VAT accounts and file returns through software. Accordingly, the purchase of VAT management software has been made mandatory for every company. Statistics show that more than one and a half lac companies in Bangladesh have to purchase VAT software. And companies have to comply with VAT compliance. Everyone concerned needs to have a clear idea about VAT. So people will need to know a lot of VAT software to manage their VAT management software.

Why Vatman

Cross Industry Support

VATMANĀ©, We apply our professionalism in a wide range of industry sectors.


Multi-dimensional businesses related to manufacturing and production of all statures


Caters to export-import type businesses, retail, wholesale and distribution.


Caters to service related businesses such as banking, consulting, insurance, treatment, education etc.

Why would you buy software from MarkPro Solution?

For the past 20 years, MarkPro Solutions has been selling, training and supplying software to a large number of local and foreign, government and non-government organizations in Chittagong and Bangladesh. At present, MarkPro Solution has been established in Leading and Pioneer IT Company of Bangladesh. We currently have over 2,000 esteemed customers. Who has been managing their accounts very successfully? More than 10,000 shadow trainers have been trained by our organization and are successfully working in high positions at home and abroad. Many of them are running their businesses.

We have a great team of highly qualified and experienced IT professionals, FCMA, FCA, Chartered Secretaries, Tax & VAT Professionals, VAT Agents and VAT Consultants. Who are ready to assist you or your organization with the right guidelines and directions? You or your organization can take the advice of our skilled consultant for managing VAT accounts and filing returns. So buy FCTB, VATMANBD - VAT management software for your organization today without delay. If you are a job seeker then the skills of FCTB, VATMANBD - VAT management software will put you ahead of other candidates. Currently, the number of people who know VAT software is very low. You can learn VAT management software to enhance your skills. So learn VAT management software quickly and become proficient, get Professional Course of FCTB, VATMANBD - VAT Management Software Certificate. "FCTB, VATMANBD - Learn VAT management software, makes you proficient in the job market".

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